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History of Focus Rising

 Since 2009, Focus Rising has been the premier Ford Focus event for the Focus enthusiast community. Focus Rising takes place annually at the Carlisle Ford Nationals, the largest Ford show in the world. Focus Rising strategically placed itself as a gathering for all Focus enthusiasts to come together as one club to show the Ford world that the Focus is so much more than a commuter car. Like a Ford Mustang or classic Ford Thunderbird, it too has an enthusiast following—and the core enthusiast attraction of this event-within-an event is as strong as, if not stronger than, any other enthusiast car market.

 Focus Rising quickly gained recognition as one of the top groups at the Carlisle Ford Nationals. Since then, the event has attracted some of the top level, best quality Ford Focus (and more recently, Fiesta) builds. Some of the most serious and hardcore owners come together annually in June during Focus Rising to debut their latest and greatest. Focus Rising 2010 attracted the attention of Ford Motor Company and, along with it, the Ford ST/RS Group and Ford Racing (Now Ford Performance). Since then, Ford Motor Company and Ford Performance have recognized Focus Rising each year as a preeminent gathering of core enthusiasts that they can use to reach an expansive customer base. Each year, Ford Motor Company makes sure to build a presence within Focus Rising, because they recognize the power of this group and our accomplishments.


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